Wessington Springs city government
​is directed by a mayor and six councilmen, each elected to a two-year term.  Citizen committees or boards, appointed by the mayor, offer recommendations to the council.

Mayor Melissa Mebius 
PO Box 511,
​Wessington Springs, SD 57382
(605) 539-1102

Tim Azure, Ward 1
302 Main St W
Wessington Springs, SD 57382
(605) 539-0007

Kathy Voorhees, Ward 1
409 Wilson Ave S, 
​Wessington Springs, SD 57382
(605) 539-1933

Lloyd Kraft, Ward 2
210 College Ave. N,
Wessington Springs, SD 57382
(605) 539-9771

Dave Ness, Ward 2
PO Box 227,
​Wessington Springs, SD 57382
(605) 539-1516

Joe Hettinger, Ward 3
517 Wallace Ave N,
Wessington Springs, SD 57382
(605) 539-1894

Kim Baker, Ward 3
PO Box 361
Wessington Springs, SD 57382
(605) 539-9510

Linda Willman, Finance Officer
PO Box 443,
​Wessington Springs, SD 57382
(605) 539-1691

Gary Blue, City Attorney
Wessington Springs, SD 57382
(605) 352-6783

 City of Wessington Springs Departments:
 Park & Pool: City Hall Office (605) 539-1691
 Attorney: Gary Blue (605) 352-6783
 Streets: Dan Kruse (605) 539-9711
 Water & Sewer: Jim Vavra (605) 539-9751
 Electric: Roger Larson (605) 539-9711
 Carnegie Library: Tammy Mettler (605) 539-  1803

Recycling Trailer is located East of the High School in the parking lot.  Open any time.

Products accepted

  • Plastics 1 & 2 (washed out)
  • cardboard flattened (not cardboard for freezer or refrigerator items)
  • Newspaper, magazines and old books (covers torn off)
  • Office paper and printing paper (colored is OK)
  • No Construction Paper accepted

South Dakota

​​Wessington Springs

Wessington Springs has a local rubble site north of town. Hours are 11 AM to 4:30 PM Tuesday 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Thursday 1:30 PM - 7:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM.  During the the fall and winter months the Saturday hours change from 9 AM to 2:30 PM. Tuesday & Thursday hours remain the same. An attendant is available to assist you, but please call the city office at 605-539-1691 for a complete list of items that can be accepted at the site and also to confirm hours of operation as they might change with the seasons.

Some of the items that the rubble site accepts:
Construction or Demolition Debris
Non-Burnable items
Painted wood
Stained wood
White Goods & Metals
Water Heaters
Recyclable metals
Miscellaneous Wastes
Similar items
Trees & Burnables
Scrap lumber
Untreated wood
Tree branches
Yard Waste
Grass clippings
Similar vegetation

The rubble site does not accept:
PaperFor disposal of these items, please call L&M Sanitation 605-539-0013

Wessington Springs Farm & Home Show

City of Wessington Springs

City Services
(605) 539-1691

Electricity -  Wessington Springs power is municipally owned. The city has two back up generators to supply local power in case of an emergency.

Water - The supplier for water in Wessington Springs is the City of Wessington Springs. The source is our springs and wells. The system capacity is 500,000 gallons/per day. We have 30% usage of current capacity.

Sewer - Wessington Springs has a sanitary sewer.


 Venture Communications is our community’s in-state supplier.  Venture Communications (800) 824-7282
Some of the out-of-state suppliers are AT&T, MCI, Sprint, and Excel.
Internet Venture Communications offers Wessington Springs local access to the Internet.