South Dakota


Wessington Springs

About Wessington Springs

Wessington Springs is a bustling, self-sufficient town in the heart of South Dakota.  While there are several people who like to make Wessington Springs their home at retirement age, there is a noticable steady stream of younger families putting down roots in Wessington Springs because it is a safe community that offers an affordable lifestyle with plenty of opportunities for all ages.  Younger parents are seeing the importance of raising their children in the "small town" atmosphere that Wessington Springs provides verses the bigger cities.  Come see Wessington Springs, meet the people who live here and you will see why we call Wessington Springs "home".


About Wessington Springs

Wessington Springs ... where “the rolling prairie meets the great plains.”


Population: 956
County: Jerauld; Wessington Springs is the county seat

Median Income: $49,915
Median Home Price: $68,500
Median Home Rental Rate: $529